Burlesque Boot Camp


The Va Va Voom Burlesque Vixens hold an annual six-week Burlesque Boot Camp every Spring. Classes are taught twice a week in the evenings in Old Town Eureka.

People join Burlesque Boot Camp for many reasons. Some are seeking the community a burlesque troupe has to offer, some want to challenge themselves and grow as performers, others may be looking for a boost in self-confidence or wanting to gain some sexy moves to share in the bedroom. Everyone who attends the full six weeks of Burlesque Boot Camp has the opportunity to be considered for a spot in the troupe.

During boot camp the Instructor will teach basic burlesque dance moves and help students feel confident in doing across the floor dance work. They will choreograph a group number for the students to perform and also teach the dance fundamentals for students to choreograph their own solo performance.

Costuming classes will cover burlesque costume basics, how to make your own pasties, customizing panties and gloves in addition to learning how to make your own headdress. In Burlesque Boot Camp the student will be required to create two costumes, one for the group act and one for a solo act.

An entire class will be dedicated to learning how to apply stage make-up. Students will be provided with a list of make-up supplies that they will need to bring to class. The Instructor will cover everything from foundation, contouring, eye shadow, eyebrows, eyelashes, lipstick and more. Students will also learn how to style pin-up hair, big hair, up-do’s and play with extensions and wigs in the hairstyle class.

Class time will be spent coming up with your performer name, developing your character and creating a stage persona. Students will also discuss body positivity, self-love and body confidence.

There is a graduation performance at the end of Burlesque Boot Camp for the public to attend. Students may choose to opt out of the performance. There will be a panel of judges at the show critiquing students stage presence, burlesque character, costume, hair and make-up. The highest scoring graduates will receive an invitation to perform with the Va Va Voom Burlesque Vixens.

Burlesque Boot Camp is all about self-empowerment, body positivity, having a really good time and making new friends with supportive people in the burlesque community.

We want to help lure out your inner Vixen! Keep an eye on our blog for announcements about the next upcoming Burlesque Boot Camp and come twirl those tassels and shake it with the Va Va Voom Burlesque Vixens.

Va Va Voom Burleque Bootcamp Graduating Class of 2019
2019 Va Va Voom Burlesque Boot Camp Class
2017 Va Va Voom Boot Camp Class
2017 Va Va Voom Burlesque Boot Camp Class
2016 Va Va Voom Boot Camp Class
2016 Va Va Voom Burlesque Boot Camp Class
2015 Va Va Voom Boot Camp Class
2015 Va Va Voom Burlesque Boot Camp Class
Va Va Voom Boot Camp 2013
Va Va Voom Burlesque Boot Camp 2013



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